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"Answer to one of my Childhood Question"


In this post I want to share the answer to one of my childhood question which I got while exploring myself, my life & so many things. I don’t know how many of you had this question in their childhood but I guess everybody one or the other day in their life had this question. Being teacher having more strength and knowledge they just need to teach only one or two subjects every year but as student we need to study almost 10 different subjects every year why ??? we are less capable than them in that age then also why why ???   
Now after student life when I entered in working phase of life means work in return of money. Things got worst than studying 10 different subjects every year. In what sense your question if I am not wrong, wait wait coming to that only. For it there is very sweet sentence in Marathi बाप कमाई वर ऐश कर !!! आप कमाई करशील ना तेव्हा कळेल !!! meaning you will not get the value of money when you are using fathers money but the moment you spend one rupee that you earned you will get its value.
As the time passes we goes elder & elder so many more responsibilities comes to our shoulder wanted or unwanted & here no chance to get away from it. First & most important priority in life that is family responsibility in a way like if elder sister keep interacting with her in laws if younger do her wedding arrangements from the scratch. If brother younger then look for his education, if elder then look for his help in any possible cases. At the same time mother & father are getting older so they needs more care, the way they cared us in our childhood without getting angry on us. Finally the spouse, need to take care of her like anything because being girl she left every thing behind & came with you to live her life so you should also respect that. Girls may have different responsibilities in their case. At the same time you need to be the proper handler so that while doing something for mother or sister wife should not get angry & vice versa, thank god yet I don’t have this last responsibility.
Being earner in family need to be very proper with work what ever we do, means leave family things to at home only. In office do the work, then listen to the boss, run in competition like rat. Be like parrot with boss so that he/she will help in terms of growth. If there any new thing to learn then be learner again. Handle the taxation & all things.
Along with this need to be in touch with our all friends from our childhood, give time to them also in this hectic schedule. On top of it if any girl friend is there then you lost man you lost !!! Finally the last one & most important which most of us forgot that is time to our self in terms of freely travelling, reading, playing, our hobbies, our passion , our health & etc. Because as the time passes more responsibilities comes to us more faster.

A man struggling to cope with family and work life


To handle this life balance we got thought from the childhood itself, like setting priorities that time also this time also. Only difference is that time we do it in subjects now we do it in terms of responsibilities. Those days we have some favorite subjects & we used to study that a lot, it affects our other subject performance. In the same way if we addressed any one responsibility a lot others get affected. Those who do this balance correctly they will definitely achieve what they wanted that time also & this time also.
Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Chandure

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