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Dhol Taase Starting With Surya Pratishthan!!!


For the first time in my life I heard the Dhol Taase Beats at Pune in 2008. Because of my classes I wasn’t able to attend any group play of Dhol Taase that time. I heard it on the way to my classes & feel the magic of it. That time within one month I left the Pune, so that wish of mine to visit any group play & listen it neatly remained uncompleted. Then after completing my graduation when i came back to Pune in search of job unintentionally again heard that sound of Dhol Taase. It attracted me towards it & stopped there itself why because that music enthralled me. There I collected some more information like where do I get to see different different group plays, where do I get the best performance/play & only one answer to all such questions I got is on Ganpati Visarjan go to Laxmi Road, Alka Chowk, Tilak Road.  In 2011 I was fully focused on my job searching & interviews so I didn’t got the chance again.


Finally after getting job & regular work schedule in 2012, I ticked one of my dream that is roaming around all the Peth areas of Pune on Ganpati Visarjan Day, while enjoying the Dhol Taase Beats & other numerous things. Seriously I got real experience of one sentence on Pune “Ganesh Festival is like Diwali in Pune”. On every road in every lane there is Ganesh Mandal with so many of decorations, lightings & ultimate plays or dramas or views of some or the other ancient or western cultures or plays of Dhol Taase groups.

maxresdefault crowd

So finally on Ganesh Visarjan day of 2012 that is 29th September, I left the home at 10:00 AM in the morning, those days I used to live at Aple Ghar Society near Chandan Nagar Bypass. Via PMT buses I reached the Pune Municipal Corporation Depot at 11:30 AM due to huge traffic & from there rather than taking any transport I preferred to go by walk towards Dagdusheth Temple & my excitement came into reality in the form of crowd, so many dhol taase groups playing various tracks like “Sher Shivraj Song by Kavi Bhushan”, “Kaloa”, “Gajar”, “Nashik Dhol”, “Dholi Bajja” & so many with tremendous energy & happiness. Some guys from the group were playing the Zhanja & Tole. All were playing these instruments in a beautiful synchronization, the moves of their hands, there legs while walking or playing the Dhol, Taase, Zhanja & Tole was at exact same time. In one group there would be at least 100 to 200 members were there. Those who were not playing anything they are also contributing by providing water to those who are playing, by making border so that no one from outside will distract the play.



1239411_561105593957214_1437461172_n 524597_561105983957175_697672511_n

While plying it some guys were in different getups but attractive like full beard & long hairs looking like old time kings & on top of that Pheta which is looking like jewel in the crown. Some guys were playing dhols in full madness they were dancing along with it & simultaneously all this in synchronization too. After watching so many groups on Shivaji Road, NC Kelkar Road, Tilak Road, Kumthekar Road, Vasantrao Limaye Road, Laxmi Road. At last I decided to go ahead on the Laxmi road with Five Most Important Ganpati’s of Pune. Till that time one of my friend groups came there with me to see all that madness & enjoyment. From there I proceeded with them. The beats of Dhol Taase were making public crazy, one of that musical shocks was flowing through me as well & I was dancing, playing whistle & roaring all the way. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone was raising their hands in the air & vibrating it on the command of Dhol Taase leader like all were hypnotized by that Dhol Taase Music. In this entire craze how time went I don’t know & it was 7:00 PM in the evening, my friends said me they were leaving, I said fine I will stay here only till that time we were at Alka chowk, I was dancing, running & enjoying everything there. Suddenly I met with one of my group of friends & plugged with them. At 11:00 PM in the night they also left to their homes, after see off with them I stayed there till early morning 4:00 AM when Dagadusheth Miravnuk started, so many people there was waiting for that Miravnuk, some were took there mats with them to take rest on road itself. So after praying in front of Dagdusheth Ganpati I too left after living my small dream that day, with so many memories & some new dreams like next time I will also play the Dhol Tasse. That day I got little bit jealous on Pune Localized because to have this day in my life it took almost 22 years for me but those who born & brought up in Pune itself every year they enjoy this day.

10647036_729430773791361_7765521381129130569_n 10Ganesh-visarjan

In 2013 I was shifted to Kothrud Depot. Occasionally I used to visit the Sai Baba Temple at Karve Nagar Signal & during the month of June when I was there with my friend Shinu I saw the practice of Dhol Taase by Surya Pratishthan leading by Aniket Ambavle under the finance of Mr. Sandip Pendse. The board present there about new entry is ongoing clicked my dream to join Dhol Taase. Then instantly I went towards him & asked all my queries like practice schedule, trainers & etc. From the next day itself I started practicing under their guidance. How the practice & all performance went for the first year will explain in next write-ups.



Thanks & Regards,

Rahul Chandure



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