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"Mohangad & Kavlya Fort Trek"


On 11th June 2016 I with APEX ADVENTURES decided to go on one of the beautiful destination in monsoon & that is Warandha Ghat. Its just awesome place to explore, to rome around for natural photography, will get scenic views of hills, river flows, valley & wild life here. As the schedule was fixed to visit two forts in that region one is Kavlya Fort also called Waghjai Trek which was used as watch tower & second one is Mohangad recently searched by Mr. Sachin Joshi who’s Archaeologist & Research Assistant at Deccan College Pune. This fort is also known as Josloadgad. 

We started our 120 KM journey from Kalewadi Phata to Durgadi base village of Mohangad at 6:30 AM & reached there around 10:30 AM with team of 35 trekkers some are crazy as always & some are doing trekking for the first time in their life. While reaching this place we saw the Necklace on Yelwanti River point near BHOR near to this point there is Tomb of Kavji Bandal. During this journey we had our breakfast of  POHE & Sample.

Form Durgadi village after parking our Bus we all started our trek on the dirt road on the right side of village which leaded us to one temple under construction on this route there are too many KARVAND plants we enjoyed it a lot. Anyone travelling through bike can park there bikes till this point even 17 or 32 or 42 seater buses can come till this point but if heavy rain is there then park vehicles in Durgadi itself because if bus got stuck in mud then it will waste your another one or two hours.we Found so many spider homes on the way to fort. 

After heading in left direction there onward we reached the khind, from there go in upward if any confusion then arrows marked on route will direct you, so search for it. Then after few minutes we reached the first plateau of the fort where flag is present, we all took rest there & again resumed our trek. Now walking in upward right direction we reached the place from where we need to take the traverse route to go up. That traverse route will lead us through dense forest to the back side from where we started. From there go up side in zig zag way in few more minutes you will be on top of fort. At some places we found the steps created in hill rock itself. We covered all this distance at 1:00 PM.
 At top there is one temple of Durga Mata,  we all took rest there & had our photo shoot. We were in full clouds there all around, nothing is visible beyond 5 to 10 meters. As we read about the fort that few water cisterns available on it, we searched around for it but we were unsuccessful because of huge fog present there. One thing disappointed me a lot there is few people come at such places to get alcoholic & throws that bottles there & we innocent trekkers get dishonored. So after little more time we all started descending the fort & reached the Durgadi village at 3:00 PM & had our Lunch (Chole & Matki Sabjii, Roti & Fruit Khand) After lunch we had drinking water from the well which villagers use for water.  
Then at 4:00 PM we started our journey to warandha ghat which is another 40 km form Durgadi village. We reached Waghjai Temple at 4:45 PM & beautiful pics or valley from there & then few of us decided to do the Kavlya Fort trek in rapid fire way.
We started the trek and heading on left side traverse route we reached the first plateau. Form there heading again in left up side we reached the second plateau, almost all trees are dried because of unavailability of water. Now to reach the left side watch water of fort, we need to take the right side traverse way of second plateau, while going through that route we saw beautiful pinnacle in the sahyadri ranges there.

Then again need to get up on the small hill in front to go ahead, it is quite slippery. After getting up we reached our destination in 35 odd minutes. As the rocks of watch tower are fixed in the soil, so please avoid to get on the edges of the tower. We had some snaps over there & enjoyed the wind flowing there. View of Warandha ghat from there is just unforgettable, road is looking like snake running through greenery.

           Then we started descending & reached the starting point at 6:00PM, there at waghjai temple we all had tea & started our back journey to Pune at 6:30 PM. During that back journey we all danced like mad/freaky unbelievable trekker & in that shows topper was our bus driver when Zinggat song started he stopped the bus on side of road & came back side & danced danced danced. Finally at 10:00 PM we reached Pune with lots of memories & fun.
  1. Photo Credit goes to Ashwin Bagde & Rahul Chandure .
  2. Before going on trek do some research about the routes & what to explore there.  
  3. Go in full sleeve cloths & good shoes.  
Please leave comments below for others if you have been to Mohangad & Kavlya Fort or you have any questions related to trek.

Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure


  1. So wonderfullu written. Hats off to you for writing in so much details. Its like when we are reading, we are virtually there


  2. thank you thank you thank you so much !!! but its your reading and imagination power to feel everything 🙂


  3. ashwin bagde says:

    Good one Rahul … we had lots of memories during the trek and those well described in the blog…!!!


  4. thank you thank you thank you so much ashwin !!!!


  5. Apoorv Gupta says:

    Awesome group with great experience.. It was my first trek and there are many more to come.. Cheers everyone.. Must visit.


  6. Vivek Chavan says:

    Very nice rahul bhau


  7. Thank you thank you thank you so much !!!!


  8. thank you thank you thank you thank you so much!!!!


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