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Time when I need to become Parent for my Mother & Father.


Here I want to confess for one of the incident in my life, where I behaved foolish with my mom. Now I understood my mistake & I feel sorry for that. Actually from my childhood itself, I was a stubborn kid. Always had quarrels with my mom, I used to get easily angry on her & sometimes get out of control by hurting her mentally.

This scene happened when I was traveling with my mom from Nanded to Jalna. That was the first time when my mom was traveling through reservation boogie of train. Due to some offended things happened with me before leaving Nanded, I was already in bad mood & my mom was asking me so many questions there & that time I felt like those are silly ones. Also I feel awkward in front of other passengers, with the thought in my mind that people might think that what an old lady is she.., who doesn’t even know such things in train. Like in reservation boogie seats are only for one person, how to make that seat as lower, middle & upper berths. She was asking me where the washroom is and so many things, like a kid. Also the guys who were traveling with food in reservation boogie of train are in service uniform, and then she asked trains also have staff for food circulation. Due to the bombardment of her questions I got irritated & shouted on her and told her just keep quite.

My mom is very talkative person she started talking with other people in compartment after that. Same day my friend Milind Dighraskar was also traveling from Nanded to Parbhani with his mother, as he’s my one the best friend. I introduced him to my mom and he introduced his to me and my mom.  Then my mom started talking with them & then she started asking very typical questions to them. That was the embarrassing moment for me & I was trying to refuse my mom from talking. But you know she was my mom, the way I was stubborn she is also.

So I left the seat for few minutes & went near the door, there I went in my own thoughts. I took halt there for almost an hour, forgetting my mom totally. Now I understood how much incorrectly I behaved that day. I was irritated because of her questions left her alone for an hour at a place where she doesn’t know anything. By god’s sake nothing happen that day but I should be attentive towards my mom all the time. She is the one who raised me like anything, who made so many sacrifices in her life for me. I am the loveliest one to her in my all siblings.

I promise her that now on wards she will live like queen with all luxuries. I will ensure that my parents travel in reservation compartment along with me.  I will make them live their life for themselves and not for anyone else, then it doesn’t matter if I have to work for 24 hours a day; I am ready to do that as well.

Now one of my dreams is to take my parents to flight travel & very soon I will complete it. I busy in building an empire for them. They always used to say that only you are happy in your life that’s only thing we want. But I will make them live there life as well. I am creating wealth for them so that they can utilize their time for them only.

     Things I learned from this Incident.   
     1.     Parents are not born only for raising their children.
     2.     In this running life schedule don’t forget our parents.
     3.    Give something back to our creators, don’t postpone it.
     4.     Parents will never ask for anything to us but we should be caring towards them & give surprises to them.
Rahul Chandure

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