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Start Loving Everything In Life !!!!


Here I am comparing the love and hate.
Love is defined as a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. In other words love is to feel a lover’s passion, devotion, or tenderness for yourself. 
Hate is defined as extreme dislike. In another terms hate is to have a strong aversion.
Love is to be affectionate for your lover; trust your lover, and being so happy to each other’s in company. Again, to make someone to be happy and being in love. They would feel to be safe and protected. It is a love.
Hate is negative way to express to someone who you dislike. It is an ugly to express. Hate is a strong word to say it. Hate is an uglier than love. Hate is in bad moral list of mine. It is a such cruel thing to say.
Everyone wants to be happy in this world. People seek happiness in wealth, power, sex, fashion, drugs, drinks etc. But those are temporary pleasures. It is love that makes us more happy. Love should be practiced without any selfish motive. A mother’s love for her children is something very divine. 
Hatred brings unhappiness. It robs one’s peace of mind. Love fills a person with noble feelings. Love between neighbors brings friendship. There have been saints whose love is universal. Lack of love leads to divorces, quarrels, crimes, aggression and war. 
Love can unite the people of the world into a common brotherhood.
Rahul Chandure

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