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"Kailasgad Trek"


 On 20th June 2015 we did an awesome trek of Kailashgad, not known for any kind of famous history. It was mentioned the Chatrapti Shivaji Maharaja once visited this fort that’s all. But then also it was the 2015 monsoon first trek it should be small one so we decided to visit it.
We started from Pune to base village Vandre around 70 KM through tamhini ghat route but the road is too much damaged and on top of that its raining. so at around 9:30 AM we reached the base village. After getting little bit ahead from village there is a trek start point we parked our bus there & started the trek. 
As it was raining that region of Tamhini Ghat was too much cloudy that day. The way to go up was unexpectedly too much slippery from the starting itself. After getting on the first plateau of the fort we had awesome view of Mulshi. We reached that point like fighters crawling in mud. There we had few group clicks & again rain started.
There after by heading in left side traverse route we got up on the fort in almost two and half hours after starting. We took more time because of continuous rain & slippery way. After reaching on the top we were not able to see anything because of so many clouds, even we won’t be able to see beyond 5 meters. There we had our lunch in rain. When we tried to see the surrounding of fort nothing was visible because of huge fog. So after half hour halt there we started descending the fort & reached the start point with having so many mud on body.
  1. Photo Credit goes to Rahul Chandure .
  2. Before going on trek do some research about the routes & what to explore there.  
  3. During heavy rain please avoid this trek in huge groups. 
  4. Go in full sleeve cloths & good shoes.  
Please leave comments below for others if you have been to Kailasgad Fort or you have any questions related to trek.

Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure     


  1. Adwait Damle says:

    The decline was so scary at first !!


  2. geet anjali says:

    Cant believe its already an year!!


  3. its just because of rain bro !!!


  4. Unknown says:

    The Only Trek Amol Kotkar Fell… 🙂


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