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Raireshwar Trek!!!!


Finally the day came on which one of my wish has been completed by visiting Raireshwar Plateau on 24th March 2016 night. I have grown up by listening the stories of Chatraptai Shivaji Maharaj & in that one story about his OATH which he took at Raireshwar Temple Shiv Linga about building the “Hindvi Swaraja”. So that I was very much eager to visit this place & the day came on the Dhuliwandan night of 2016. Raireshwar fort is a Hill fort. Raireshwar is situated in the Bhor Taluka of Pune District at the base village of Korel. Raireshwar fort is 4589 feet i.e. 1340 meters above sea level.
We (me, Hemant Patil, Vilas Algude, Deepak Chandure & Thomas) all started our journey at 11:00PM to Raireshwar from ARIZONA Snooker Club at Deccan owned by Hemant dada. Route we decided to reach Raireshwar was Pune à Bhor 56 km. Bhor à Korle 20 km. Korle à Raireshwar 6 km Trek start point, so after traveling for two & half hours of 82 Km, we reached there at 1:30 AM.
After parking car properly there, we took drinking water, carry mat & sleeping bags with us & started trekking, in the moon light that was an awesome feeling after long time, so by walking on the usual route there we reached temple at 3:00 AM. As temple was constructed in three parts one is Main Gabhara, second is stone pillars & last one was outer area where Nandi is placed. All maintenance of temple is took care by Jangam Community villagers live there. As the inner door of temple was locked we got into the first door & slept there.
In the morning at 7:00 AM Pujari came there & opened the inner door as well. We all were woke up till then & packed all stuff we have, during that time he cleaned inner parts of temple & also did the PUJA. After getting fresh we all took Shiva Linga darshan & had pictures of amazing construction there like wooden & stone pillars, dome roof creation from inside. There was another temple in front of main & Shivaji Maharaj Statue was there with floor like structures beside it, few constructions are ongoing there. Back side of temple we some stone structures.
In village at plateau there was more than 50 families are living, government electricity is reached there but for all other things they need to get down of plateau, they all have their farms on the plateau itself, now all we can imagine how much big plateau it is. There was GOMUKHA where they have 24/7 water supply during whole year.
At 8:30 AM we started descending and then we saw railings all around the plateau for tourist security, beautiful foot way for reaching the temple. We can able to see the Kenjalgad Fort from there. An amazing staircase has been created to reach the plateau. After getting down from that stairs it took few more minutes to reach the parking place & from there we started our next journey as per the plan.


  1. Photo Credit goes to Rahul Chandure & Hemant Patil.
  2. Best fort for one day trek & in monsoon we can see beautiful surrounding covered with lush and greenery.
  3. We can plan more treks along with it as per the time we have like Rohida Fort, Kenjalgad Fort & Kamalgad Fort.
  4. Before going on trek do some research what to explore there.  

Please leave comments below for others if you have been to Raireshwar Fort or you have any questions related to trek.
Thanks & Regards

Rahul Chandure


  1. thank you so much bro 🙂


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