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"Addictions Because of Service/Job Life"


 As I used addiction word in the name, so things recall in mind after looking/listing this word are drinking/smoking, but have patience I used this word for normal day to day life work we do repeatedly, because of our needs or someone’s pressure.

PC: Rahul Chandure

 After completing education suddenly so many things in life got changed. Like everyone my first priority at that very moment was getting job somewhere, so that I would get independent at least for my financial needs & all. Then after getting job by this way or that way new phase of life starts & straight away vision of looking at many things get changed. We bound our self in some boundaries like we used to seat in office cubical or bay or cabins. Here few things becomes our habits knowingly or unknowingly, those kind of things I am gonna share here.
 First very common thing every where is using access cards to go inside or outside from any where in office premises & have the ID Cards around the neck. As time passes this daily task at office became my addiction, like while going to washrooms, lifts, cafeteria unknowingly too many times I used to swipe my access cards there also. Even sometimes while entering into home I used access card.

Office On Monday!!!


College On Monday!!!


College Days

In school/college days we get bored when leaves are there, because we love to be in school/college even if we are not attending any lectures. Now things are exactly opposite to it happening in service life. In school/college we use to wish while entering into school/college premises after coming from weekends or leaves. Now we wish happy weekends & start Monday wish saddest face on the planet earth. Unknowingly we do this every week in our service life.



During School Life


During College Life


Now During Service Life

During school/college time suppose if we want to wake up late due to some or the other reason we do that without any hesitation because we know even if we are not there in starting few lectures proxies we happen on our behalf & whatever topic is missed we will cover it by our self later but now even if any disaster happens in the world that is not my concern I need to be in office at 9:00 AM that’s it because of senior officers/boss/mangers pressure.
Now a days some of our official short forms that we use in our mails are came into or daily life as well like ASAP (as soon as possible), PFA (Please find attachment), MOM (meets of meeting) & so many. But in school/college there was no formalities like this.
Previously I used to live life by filling stomach but don’t know how got into this trap of filling stomach became my life. Ignorantly that school/college boy got vanished & this white collar servant came here. So please requesting you all to live life freely, happily & with big smile on face. Don’t make such things habitual in life.
Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Chandure

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