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When I got Serious Responsibility Towards My Parents

I am basically from Latur, Nilanga. Due to my father’s Policeman service I was born & brought up in Jalna. I pursued my engineering degree from MGM’s College of engineering Nanded in 2011. Then after few months of struggle I got placed into one of the reputed MNC Cognizant Technology Solutions, Pune.

Everything was going fine but one fine day I got a call from my mother she told me that Papa went to our village looking for the boy for my sister’s marriage. She told me that she was unaware of things happening there & informed that Papa suddenly got unconscious. She asked me to talk to uncle about what exactly happened & immediately leave for Nilanga as she too had left. After listening to her I got scared of what was happening around me, I asked her to calm down and promised her to get every details from uncle and inform her as soon as possible.  After her call got over without waiting for a moment I called my uncle asking him about what was happening there, he told that there is nothing to be worried of, we have primarily admitted your father in nearby hospital at Taluka level & come to Nilanga as soon as possible. One of my cousin is Doctor at my home town I called him as well & he told me the same thing what my uncle told.

That was the first time in my life I got afraid of something because for the first time I was getting some bloody thoughts in my mind, you all can imagine what thoughts came in my mind when my uncle said come as soon as possible.  It was afternoon when I got this news & from that instant I was unable to concentrate on my work or anything, then I informed my team mate about the emergency and checked for the quickest possible means of transport to get to Nilanga from Pune. I went to my rented flat at Shivne in Pune & packed my bag with a pair of cloths & left to Bus Stand. I got bus at around 8 PM & after 8 to 10 hrs journey I reached Nilanga around 6 in the morning. My cousin brother came to pick up me there I told him first take me to hospital and then home. When I went to hospital my aunt was sitting on a bench in hospital corridor she told me there is nothing to be worried, he is fine, I hugged her & took a breath of relaxation. I asked her if I can see him then she took me to Papa, he was asleep & my uncle was seated on nearby chair. Aunt told us to go home with uncle & cousin, get fresh till then, I will take care of him. Then we went to our village, about 10km from taluka place. During that journey from taluka to village I asked uncle what happened exactly.

He told me the whole story, how my father didn’t took Blood Pressure tablets for last five days when the tablets were finished and he never told anyone to get it for him from taluka place & how he was traveling whole day under heavy sunlight with full tension of my sister’s marriage. We all know in typical middle class family how worried parents are when their daughter grow up & they get more worried when the relatives, neighbors daughter’s wedding are happening. In same thought my father forgot everything his food, tablets & all though he was a BP patient he didn’t took his tablets for four five days.Uncle said today morning after brush when he was walking around suddenly he collapsed on the ground & was not able to move his left hand & left leg. That moment I understood he got Paralysis Attack. 

Till I got ready to go back to hospital my mother also came from Jalna with my younger brother & elder sister. I told her don’t worry I am here & will take care of all things. I left to hospital there I met with doctor, he told me the reason that my father is BP patient and then also he didn’t took tablets for five days and went to places in heavy sun rays also one day before he worked in farm. This all got converted in to minor paralysis attack. I said ok what next ???, he told me they are doing tests on my father’s blood, urine after every hour & he is improving.

My mother also came to hospital till that time, we all together went to meet my father & at the instant he saw all of us, he started crying & for the first time in my life I saw tears in my father’s eyes. He is the same strong Policeman whom I use to see since I was born, who was never tired at any moment in his life. The man who woke up early in the morning everyday, who was so energetic, who worked almost 30 plus years as Policeman & at the age of 53 he suddenly got paralysis attack & he went helpless.

I never imagined this could happen with him because he had no addictions, even though he is Policeman he didn’t do drinking, smoking, etc, he is always committed to his work & his family. He always helps others & is very grounded person even though he is PSI. Till date I never saw him taking bed rest for anything. I controlled my tears but my mom started crying there itself I told her please control I will take care of every thing. I took her out from that place & told her not to worry and that I had talked to doctors about his health and they had assured me he is fine now and recovering fast.

Then I went to my meet my doctor cousin and asked about the facilities and intensive care services I can get here, he said no worries he will be well soon, but I was not satisfied with this answer so I went to my another uncle & told him I am thinking of taking my father to Pune, He supported me & we went to hospital and talked with doctor again he replied with same answer as in the morning, I asked doctor can I move my father to any hospital in Pune, he said thats your choice you will get same treatment here as well.Then my uncle and cousin told me to wait and we will see what to do, in all this chat whole day went & next day came. My heart wasn’t allowing me to stop there & see the things I said to my uncle to arrange a vehicle and that we were moving to Pune, he said ok & arranged the four wheeler, during that time I collected all hospital documents.

We started our journey to Pune at 12:30 PM that day with one of my uncle, my mother,father, brother, sister & driver. I have huge friend circle, and from one of them I got the information about one of the best neurosurgeon in Ruby Clinic in Pune his Name is Dr. Rajas Deshpande. Then I called my another friend in Pune his name is Umesh Borse & told him to take appointment of Dr. Rajas Deshpande in Ruby Clinic, He said ok.

We reached Pune around 11:00 PM in night, as my friend had already taken an appointment on my name with Dr. Deshpande. After talking with hospital staff they inquired with that OPD in clinic & agreed to admit my father in Casualty. We admitted him there & I completed all formalities and paper work as my uncle & mother were not much good in English. My brother & sister were shocked due to this incident. So I was feeling responsible suddenly & took the ownership of all things like money arrangement,their accommodation in Pune, hospital formalities & documentation & all.

For 15 to 20 days Ruby Hall Clinic became home for me, for those all days every day in the morning at 8 AM I was going to clinic with my mother & i was spending my whole day in the hospital during my fathers tests, during the whole day almost five doctors visited my father. Whole day my mother was taking care of all my fathers stuff & I was doing all hospital activities. in night at 10 PM my younger brother used to come to hospital & we were leaving to my flat & my elder sister was doing all home stuff like cooking, cleaning , etc.

Those days all my relatives, friends, doctors helped me a lot. Thank you Thank you Tank you so much all for being with me. This happened in March 2014, now with all your blessings my father is fully recovered from that paralysis attack.

Thing which I learned from this incident in my life is my responsibility towards my parents. I have my half-life with me but my parents already crossed 50 in their life & what I am doing for them?? Just wasting valuable life time which I got from my parents who raised me on their blood & sweat. That time I got my responsibility, ownership & sense of emergency but you all please don’t wait for such things in life.

Once Time left no one can get it back!!!!

 Thank you Suhas Deshmukh & Harshad Deshmukh for your help in writing & support.

Rahul Chandure                               



  1. Well written Rahul…. We should give them the most valuable thing.. that is 'TIME'… Keep it up… keep writing…


  2. neeti nagar says:

    Awesome blog Rahul… Happy that you already started doing something for your parents and I know one day you will make proud by giving all the happiness to them.


  3. Well said.. The only thing we really have is time…


  4. Unknown says:

    Proud of you bro…..


  5. Parents are not the gift of god but god for every one


  6. Thank you Rohan …….


  7. thank you neeti…. I will definitely achieve with all your support & guidance


  8. thank you vishwesh….


  9. yes shilpa well said 🙂 …. thank you so much


  10. Ganesh says:

    Very well said…we all are so busy and became so social that we forget that our parents growing too(specially those who live away from home.


  11. yes bro ……………. started few steps for that reason only ..


  12. sumit pande says:

    Good job bro! Yes, we all should take our responsiblity of our family on top priority! A satble n happy family environment takes on another level of success in life!


  13. sumit pande says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.


  14. gr8 bro…….make parents feel proud of us …. enjoy life with parents too 🙂


  15. pavan says:

    Great of bro 🙂


  16. pavan says:

    Great of bro 🙂


  17. Unknown says:

    Proud of you bhava….


  18. thank you so much ……………..


  19. an emotional gaga I must admit Rahul. Keep writing. Hope your family is doing good. Keep in touch.


  20. thank you so much pratik …yes family is well…. n for sure will be in touch bro ….


  21. Awesomely written rahul.. thank u for sharing this.. makes me feel my urgency..
    And all the best


  22. thank you so much Shamal ………….. 🙂


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