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We Indians!!!


Two days before someone shared one video with me. Video looks like taken in some foreign conference & the speaker in the video cracked one joke on Indian attitude when money comes in picture. The joke is, once upon a time great scientist Einstein was travelling through airplane & there was Indian seating next to him. Then to pass the time Einstein asked to play one game with that guy & he said I will ask you one question if you fail to answer then you will give me 5 dollar & when you asked me question & I failed to answer I will give you 500 dollar, then Indian guy said fine. First Einstein asked the question & Indian guy failed to answer and gave 5 dollar to Einstein. After that Indian guy asked question tell me the thing which goes up with three legs & comes down with four legs, after thinking a lot Einstein failed to answer & gave 500 dollar to Indian guy and asked same question back to him. Then without thinking Indian guy forwarded 5 dollar to Einstein.

I don’t know in the above joke what he want to show either silliness of Einstein or Indian guy greed towards money or how their brains start running when money comes in picture. Yes partially it is true but for sure Indians have some very good qualities which comes from their heart & nothing else matter at that time. I am going to share few small small incidents in my life here & I am sure everyone of you one or the other way definitely had such experiences in your life too.


First is when I was traveling through public transport in six seater from waked to warje. Driver of that vehicle was looking like too much worried I don’t know for what may be for his family, for education of his children’s & provide two time full food to his family. In that tense condition most of the passengers shouting on him & he was getting more disturbed, I can able to see that clearly on his face. I don’t know what I felt at that moment & at my stop when I was getting down, I handover-ed the 100 Rs/- note to him, hugged him & told him don’t give back me the change just take some sweets & snacks to his children’s while going back to home.


Second incident happen when I was stuck in traffic at Nal Stop Signal. There few small child’s may be 7 to 8 years old was showing their experty in circus like adventures rather than begging for money or food. I loved their humbleness, fighting attitude against their condition, most beautiful thing in them was cute smiles on their faces that time also where they don’t have proper roof to live, food to eat, cloths to wear. They had a warm mesmeric charm on their faces & suddenly I took 100 Rs/- note and gifted them for their show & shook hand with so many blessings for their bright future.


Third time I was met with lovely incident & it happened with me recently. I was going to magarpatta city from new sangvi via khadki, on that way near to khadki station at signal one family child’s were selling the Pens to the daily travelers through that route. From them one child girl may be three to four years old was going towards every biker & car drivers asking them to buy her pens. Suddenly she came to me, after looking at her sweet face, without resisting my hand I just took 50 Rs/- note & given her & in return she gave me pen. That time because of her submissive smile & graciousness that pen was more than any Parker or Mont Blanc Pen. After giving her that note expressions on her face looking like she don’t know how much it is & she looked at her elder brother, I too followed her eyes & looked at her brother & just said have it no need to give back any change then he took more pen in his hand and forwarded to me, I just loved that honesty & reaction from him. I just stopped him & thanked him for the pen I got from his sister then the broad smile on their faces gave me one of the precious gift in my life.


I just want say here that this kind of people are also available in our country so rather than focusing on some drawbacks of our please focus on good things around. Rather than saying don’t see bad, don’t talk bad & don’t listen bad I would love to say See Good !!! Talk Good !!! & Listen Good .



Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure


  1. Ankit says:

    Good one


  2. Swapnil Karandikar says:

    Khup chan mitra.


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