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Cost of Indication Ignorance!!!


A day before yesterday we were discussing on some matter happened in Pune that is last Sunday few trekkers from one of the adventure group get lost in Rajmachi Forest for few hours. So across all kind of networks like facebook, whats app, regional FM stations, print media it was the hot topic. In such way discussion was going on who’s mistake it was, who was responsible for it, ohhhhhh that group has tremendous strength & capable leaders then how could it happened & all. Suddenly one of my friend said those who missed were not seasonal/regular trekkers that’s why they were not able to get the orientations present on the path like red ribbons, rock towers, arrows painted on rock or tree branches.


Later thinking on that point in personal I realized something that I will explain here. I don’t know who’s mistake it was for that Sunday’s incident, but for sure everyone some or the other way shared the part of that mistake equally. Shhhhhhuuuuu I don’t want to discuss about it here I just wanted to focus on one point that everyone ignore just like that.

That is do which said not to do & ignore the indications / orientations regularly.


Human’s ignore so many indications in their day to day life just like that.

  • Before every exam all use to say us study completely but what we do that is known to us & after exam we use to say it was out of syllabus & etc.
  • People use to spit on the places where mentioned Not To Spit Here, over and above that action they spit in such amount that few days later that Not words get disappeared & it becomes Spit Here.
  • On every Tobacco & Guthka packets danger sign & cause of cancers mentioned over there.
  • On every Cigarette packet it is mentioned that Smoking Kills.
  • Warnings mentioned on Liquor bottles that drinking alcohol may increases the risk of cancer.
  • During traffic a red traffic sign either signals you to stop your vehicle or prohibits entry. Green:Green means go! A green traffic sign signals that you can proceed, or provides you with direction on where to proceed. Yellow: Yellow stands for caution. A yellow traffic sign serves as a general warning. Most of us don’t follow it & with us who is not even did anything will pay the price of it.   
  • At so many places boards are there noticing No Parking, No Entry, Even Odd Parking,One Way.
  • Not even we only systems also ignore notifications like possibilities of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, riots & etc.

But have you ever thought about what cost you will pay if any ignorance you do or someone else around you does it. Like in trek if the person who is leading ignores this kind of indication all the group get lost in forest or in trek, that time rather than fighting, all the other members also have same qualities so you can also tell your opinion on orientations you see there. If some one doesn’t follow the guides instructions there he/she will also get lost & along with them the whole group will pay the cost of it in terms of time & impression in world.


Like even if you don’t drink or smoke, you definitely had words on it with your belongings who have such addictions. Why you suggest because you know even if that person is ignoring those things right now he/she will pay very huge cost for it in future. Their family will also pay his/her ignorance cost. Most of the replies come when I tried to notify them about future causes are like what will happen because of this much of small quantity or one cigar. Ya ya I know you don’t worry about me. But boss don’t you know continuously falling drop of water on big rock breaks it so why are you hurting the precious gift from god like body.

tobacco_story_647_031216085245 article-0-0B83A80B00000578-124_306x423 Alcohol warning label

Some times when you break signals that time who is moving on correct notifications got injured because of you. when some roads or bridges got destroyed because of some or the other reason, that time people in system use to say we were not in system when it was built, but boss if any notice are there on its maintenance in past its your responsibility to work on them on time else ordinary people pays it cost.

warning-sign-traffic-signals PS_NoParking_Arrow__66118.1391707631.1280.1280 noentry dc698qzc9



















An aerial view shows the collapsed I-35W bridge 04 August 2007 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Five people have been confirmed dead and 8 others missing following the 01 August bridge collapse during rush hour. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)


So many things are their to tell. But I will conclude here saying one liner that is rather than walking like horse, just observe & feel your surrounding to build your future. Someone said beautifully your present work builds your bright future & applies in all aspects of life.




Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure




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