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This time I am gone share you something philosophical. When something is happing with you because of yourself or someone else that time rather than getting frustrated or panic or irritated just accept it, which will remove all burdens from your head, make you feel lighter & free. But acceptance is not that simple but not also less than any kind of happiness.

Few years back when I started doing treks from then till now I mate so many people who came on trek like coming for picnic but while doing trek they get exhausted, feeling tired and all blah blah blah. They didn’t accept that they came for enjoyment whatever it may be. The journey which started from their home itself when they left it. All moments during that journey like breathing fresh air in forest, hiking, drinking fresh water from falls, etc. This kind of enjoyment they forgot in their unacceptable mode.

Now hardest to accept when someone leaves you either by going out from the world to the heaven or by going out from your small world. So just respect their decision & time which they given to you. Because it’s not the end of your story, it’s just the end of their character’s role in your story.Just be greatful with them for teaching you some good lessons & say thank you thank you thank you so much. Finally don’t forget memories are good to visit but not to live in, so move on.

Some acceptances come in categories which creates anger within you. When your kid didn’t score marks expected by you in their exams & because of that you gets angry on them which starts building a wall between you and them. So rather than getting angry just accept that it’s not their choice, it’s yours let them be free from your desires & expectations. After that see them what’s their qualities & desires, help them to achieve that & feel the difference. Also there are some places when you chose something for yourself as serious as career path or as simple as your hair style. That time rather than getting distracted because of someone else what they will say & all cribbing’s. Just accept your decision fully & focus on in & prove it right. Here I remembered few lines in hindi दूनियाँ का सबसे बडा रोग क्या कहेंगे लोग !!! (Worlds dangerous disease is people talks on you). So to keep your happiness alive it is must to accept what you are & what you have.

Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure

Cost of Indication Ignorance!!!

A day before yesterday we were discussing on some matter happened in Pune that is last Sunday few trekkers from one of the adventure group get lost in Rajmachi Forest for few hours. So across all kind of networks like facebook, whats app, regional FM stations, print media it was the hot topic. In such way discussion was going on who’s mistake it was, who was responsible for it, ohhhhhh that group has tremendous strength & capable leaders then how could it happened & all. Suddenly one of my friend said those who missed were not seasonal/regular trekkers that’s why they were not able to get the orientations present on the path like red ribbons, rock towers, arrows painted on rock or tree branches.


Later thinking on that point in personal I realized something that I will explain here. I don’t know who’s mistake it was for that Sunday’s incident, but for sure everyone some or the other way shared the part of that mistake equally. Shhhhhhuuuuu I don’t want to discuss about it here I just wanted to focus on one point that everyone ignore just like that.

That is do which said not to do & ignore the indications / orientations regularly.


Human’s ignore so many indications in their day to day life just like that.

  • Before every exam all use to say us study completely but what we do that is known to us & after exam we use to say it was out of syllabus & etc.
  • People use to spit on the places where mentioned Not To Spit Here, over and above that action they spit in such amount that few days later that Not words get disappeared & it becomes Spit Here.
  • On every Tobacco & Guthka packets danger sign & cause of cancers mentioned over there.
  • On every Cigarette packet it is mentioned that Smoking Kills.
  • Warnings mentioned on Liquor bottles that drinking alcohol may increases the risk of cancer.
  • During traffic a red traffic sign either signals you to stop your vehicle or prohibits entry. Green:Green means go! A green traffic sign signals that you can proceed, or provides you with direction on where to proceed. Yellow: Yellow stands for caution. A yellow traffic sign serves as a general warning. Most of us don’t follow it & with us who is not even did anything will pay the price of it.   
  • At so many places boards are there noticing No Parking, No Entry, Even Odd Parking,One Way.
  • Not even we only systems also ignore notifications like possibilities of natural disasters, terrorist attacks, riots & etc.

But have you ever thought about what cost you will pay if any ignorance you do or someone else around you does it. Like in trek if the person who is leading ignores this kind of indication all the group get lost in forest or in trek, that time rather than fighting, all the other members also have same qualities so you can also tell your opinion on orientations you see there. If some one doesn’t follow the guides instructions there he/she will also get lost & along with them the whole group will pay the cost of it in terms of time & impression in world.


Like even if you don’t drink or smoke, you definitely had words on it with your belongings who have such addictions. Why you suggest because you know even if that person is ignoring those things right now he/she will pay very huge cost for it in future. Their family will also pay his/her ignorance cost. Most of the replies come when I tried to notify them about future causes are like what will happen because of this much of small quantity or one cigar. Ya ya I know you don’t worry about me. But boss don’t you know continuously falling drop of water on big rock breaks it so why are you hurting the precious gift from god like body.

tobacco_story_647_031216085245 article-0-0B83A80B00000578-124_306x423 Alcohol warning label

Some times when you break signals that time who is moving on correct notifications got injured because of you. when some roads or bridges got destroyed because of some or the other reason, that time people in system use to say we were not in system when it was built, but boss if any notice are there on its maintenance in past its your responsibility to work on them on time else ordinary people pays it cost.

warning-sign-traffic-signals PS_NoParking_Arrow__66118.1391707631.1280.1280 noentry dc698qzc9



















An aerial view shows the collapsed I-35W bridge 04 August 2007 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Five people have been confirmed dead and 8 others missing following the 01 August bridge collapse during rush hour. AFP PHOTO/Mandel NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)


So many things are their to tell. But I will conclude here saying one liner that is rather than walking like horse, just observe & feel your surrounding to build your future. Someone said beautifully your present work builds your bright future & applies in all aspects of life.




Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure


We Indians!!!

Two days before someone shared one video with me. Video looks like taken in some foreign conference & the speaker in the video cracked one joke on Indian attitude when money comes in picture. The joke is, once upon a time great scientist Einstein was travelling through airplane & there was Indian seating next to him. Then to pass the time Einstein asked to play one game with that guy & he said I will ask you one question if you fail to answer then you will give me 5 dollar & when you asked me question & I failed to answer I will give you 500 dollar, then Indian guy said fine. First Einstein asked the question & Indian guy failed to answer and gave 5 dollar to Einstein. After that Indian guy asked question tell me the thing which goes up with three legs & comes down with four legs, after thinking a lot Einstein failed to answer & gave 500 dollar to Indian guy and asked same question back to him. Then without thinking Indian guy forwarded 5 dollar to Einstein.

I don’t know in the above joke what he want to show either silliness of Einstein or Indian guy greed towards money or how their brains start running when money comes in picture. Yes partially it is true but for sure Indians have some very good qualities which comes from their heart & nothing else matter at that time. I am going to share few small small incidents in my life here & I am sure everyone of you one or the other way definitely had such experiences in your life too.


First is when I was traveling through public transport in six seater from waked to warje. Driver of that vehicle was looking like too much worried I don’t know for what may be for his family, for education of his children’s & provide two time full food to his family. In that tense condition most of the passengers shouting on him & he was getting more disturbed, I can able to see that clearly on his face. I don’t know what I felt at that moment & at my stop when I was getting down, I handover-ed the 100 Rs/- note to him, hugged him & told him don’t give back me the change just take some sweets & snacks to his children’s while going back to home.


Second incident happen when I was stuck in traffic at Nal Stop Signal. There few small child’s may be 7 to 8 years old was showing their experty in circus like adventures rather than begging for money or food. I loved their humbleness, fighting attitude against their condition, most beautiful thing in them was cute smiles on their faces that time also where they don’t have proper roof to live, food to eat, cloths to wear. They had a warm mesmeric charm on their faces & suddenly I took 100 Rs/- note and gifted them for their show & shook hand with so many blessings for their bright future.


Third time I was met with lovely incident & it happened with me recently. I was going to magarpatta city from new sangvi via khadki, on that way near to khadki station at signal one family child’s were selling the Pens to the daily travelers through that route. From them one child girl may be three to four years old was going towards every biker & car drivers asking them to buy her pens. Suddenly she came to me, after looking at her sweet face, without resisting my hand I just took 50 Rs/- note & given her & in return she gave me pen. That time because of her submissive smile & graciousness that pen was more than any Parker or Mont Blanc Pen. After giving her that note expressions on her face looking like she don’t know how much it is & she looked at her elder brother, I too followed her eyes & looked at her brother & just said have it no need to give back any change then he took more pen in his hand and forwarded to me, I just loved that honesty & reaction from him. I just stopped him & thanked him for the pen I got from his sister then the broad smile on their faces gave me one of the precious gift in my life.


I just want say here that this kind of people are also available in our country so rather than focusing on some drawbacks of our please focus on good things around. Rather than saying don’t see bad, don’t talk bad & don’t listen bad I would love to say See Good !!! Talk Good !!! & Listen Good .



Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure

Dhol Taase Starting With Surya Pratishthan!!!

For the first time in my life I heard the Dhol Taase Beats at Pune in 2008. Because of my classes I wasn’t able to attend any group play of Dhol Taase that time. I heard it on the way to my classes & feel the magic of it. That time within one month I left the Pune, so that wish of mine to visit any group play & listen it neatly remained uncompleted. Then after completing my graduation when i came back to Pune in search of job unintentionally again heard that sound of Dhol Taase. It attracted me towards it & stopped there itself why because that music enthralled me. There I collected some more information like where do I get to see different different group plays, where do I get the best performance/play & only one answer to all such questions I got is on Ganpati Visarjan go to Laxmi Road, Alka Chowk, Tilak Road.  In 2011 I was fully focused on my job searching & interviews so I didn’t got the chance again.


Finally after getting job & regular work schedule in 2012, I ticked one of my dream that is roaming around all the Peth areas of Pune on Ganpati Visarjan Day, while enjoying the Dhol Taase Beats & other numerous things. Seriously I got real experience of one sentence on Pune “Ganesh Festival is like Diwali in Pune”. On every road in every lane there is Ganesh Mandal with so many of decorations, lightings & ultimate plays or dramas or views of some or the other ancient or western cultures or plays of Dhol Taase groups.

maxresdefault crowd

So finally on Ganesh Visarjan day of 2012 that is 29th September, I left the home at 10:00 AM in the morning, those days I used to live at Aple Ghar Society near Chandan Nagar Bypass. Via PMT buses I reached the Pune Municipal Corporation Depot at 11:30 AM due to huge traffic & from there rather than taking any transport I preferred to go by walk towards Dagdusheth Temple & my excitement came into reality in the form of crowd, so many dhol taase groups playing various tracks like “Sher Shivraj Song by Kavi Bhushan”, “Kaloa”, “Gajar”, “Nashik Dhol”, “Dholi Bajja” & so many with tremendous energy & happiness. Some guys from the group were playing the Zhanja & Tole. All were playing these instruments in a beautiful synchronization, the moves of their hands, there legs while walking or playing the Dhol, Taase, Zhanja & Tole was at exact same time. In one group there would be at least 100 to 200 members were there. Those who were not playing anything they are also contributing by providing water to those who are playing, by making border so that no one from outside will distract the play.



1239411_561105593957214_1437461172_n 524597_561105983957175_697672511_n

While plying it some guys were in different getups but attractive like full beard & long hairs looking like old time kings & on top of that Pheta which is looking like jewel in the crown. Some guys were playing dhols in full madness they were dancing along with it & simultaneously all this in synchronization too. After watching so many groups on Shivaji Road, NC Kelkar Road, Tilak Road, Kumthekar Road, Vasantrao Limaye Road, Laxmi Road. At last I decided to go ahead on the Laxmi road with Five Most Important Ganpati’s of Pune. Till that time one of my friend groups came there with me to see all that madness & enjoyment. From there I proceeded with them. The beats of Dhol Taase were making public crazy, one of that musical shocks was flowing through me as well & I was dancing, playing whistle & roaring all the way. Knowingly or unknowingly everyone was raising their hands in the air & vibrating it on the command of Dhol Taase leader like all were hypnotized by that Dhol Taase Music. In this entire craze how time went I don’t know & it was 7:00 PM in the evening, my friends said me they were leaving, I said fine I will stay here only till that time we were at Alka chowk, I was dancing, running & enjoying everything there. Suddenly I met with one of my group of friends & plugged with them. At 11:00 PM in the night they also left to their homes, after see off with them I stayed there till early morning 4:00 AM when Dagadusheth Miravnuk started, so many people there was waiting for that Miravnuk, some were took there mats with them to take rest on road itself. So after praying in front of Dagdusheth Ganpati I too left after living my small dream that day, with so many memories & some new dreams like next time I will also play the Dhol Tasse. That day I got little bit jealous on Pune Localized because to have this day in my life it took almost 22 years for me but those who born & brought up in Pune itself every year they enjoy this day.

10647036_729430773791361_7765521381129130569_n 10Ganesh-visarjan

In 2013 I was shifted to Kothrud Depot. Occasionally I used to visit the Sai Baba Temple at Karve Nagar Signal & during the month of June when I was there with my friend Shinu I saw the practice of Dhol Taase by Surya Pratishthan leading by Aniket Ambavle under the finance of Mr. Sandip Pendse. The board present there about new entry is ongoing clicked my dream to join Dhol Taase. Then instantly I went towards him & asked all my queries like practice schedule, trainers & etc. From the next day itself I started practicing under their guidance. How the practice & all performance went for the first year will explain in next write-ups.



Thanks & Regards,

Rahul Chandure


"Answer to one of my Childhood Question"

In this post I want to share the answer to one of my childhood question which I got while exploring myself, my life & so many things. I don’t know how many of you had this question in their childhood but I guess everybody one or the other day in their life had this question. Being teacher having more strength and knowledge they just need to teach only one or two subjects every year but as student we need to study almost 10 different subjects every year why ??? we are less capable than them in that age then also why why ???   
Now after student life when I entered in working phase of life means work in return of money. Things got worst than studying 10 different subjects every year. In what sense your question if I am not wrong, wait wait coming to that only. For it there is very sweet sentence in Marathi बाप कमाई वर ऐश कर !!! आप कमाई करशील ना तेव्हा कळेल !!! meaning you will not get the value of money when you are using fathers money but the moment you spend one rupee that you earned you will get its value.
As the time passes we goes elder & elder so many more responsibilities comes to our shoulder wanted or unwanted & here no chance to get away from it. First & most important priority in life that is family responsibility in a way like if elder sister keep interacting with her in laws if younger do her wedding arrangements from the scratch. If brother younger then look for his education, if elder then look for his help in any possible cases. At the same time mother & father are getting older so they needs more care, the way they cared us in our childhood without getting angry on us. Finally the spouse, need to take care of her like anything because being girl she left every thing behind & came with you to live her life so you should also respect that. Girls may have different responsibilities in their case. At the same time you need to be the proper handler so that while doing something for mother or sister wife should not get angry & vice versa, thank god yet I don’t have this last responsibility.
Being earner in family need to be very proper with work what ever we do, means leave family things to at home only. In office do the work, then listen to the boss, run in competition like rat. Be like parrot with boss so that he/she will help in terms of growth. If there any new thing to learn then be learner again. Handle the taxation & all things.
Along with this need to be in touch with our all friends from our childhood, give time to them also in this hectic schedule. On top of it if any girl friend is there then you lost man you lost !!! Finally the last one & most important which most of us forgot that is time to our self in terms of freely travelling, reading, playing, our hobbies, our passion , our health & etc. Because as the time passes more responsibilities comes to us more faster.

A man struggling to cope with family and work life


To handle this life balance we got thought from the childhood itself, like setting priorities that time also this time also. Only difference is that time we do it in subjects now we do it in terms of responsibilities. Those days we have some favorite subjects & we used to study that a lot, it affects our other subject performance. In the same way if we addressed any one responsibility a lot others get affected. Those who do this balance correctly they will definitely achieve what they wanted that time also & this time also.
Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Chandure

"Addictions Because of Service/Job Life"

 As I used addiction word in the name, so things recall in mind after looking/listing this word are drinking/smoking, but have patience I used this word for normal day to day life work we do repeatedly, because of our needs or someone’s pressure.

PC: Rahul Chandure

 After completing education suddenly so many things in life got changed. Like everyone my first priority at that very moment was getting job somewhere, so that I would get independent at least for my financial needs & all. Then after getting job by this way or that way new phase of life starts & straight away vision of looking at many things get changed. We bound our self in some boundaries like we used to seat in office cubical or bay or cabins. Here few things becomes our habits knowingly or unknowingly, those kind of things I am gonna share here.
 First very common thing every where is using access cards to go inside or outside from any where in office premises & have the ID Cards around the neck. As time passes this daily task at office became my addiction, like while going to washrooms, lifts, cafeteria unknowingly too many times I used to swipe my access cards there also. Even sometimes while entering into home I used access card.

Office On Monday!!!


College On Monday!!!


College Days

In school/college days we get bored when leaves are there, because we love to be in school/college even if we are not attending any lectures. Now things are exactly opposite to it happening in service life. In school/college we use to wish while entering into school/college premises after coming from weekends or leaves. Now we wish happy weekends & start Monday wish saddest face on the planet earth. Unknowingly we do this every week in our service life.



During School Life


During College Life


Now During Service Life

During school/college time suppose if we want to wake up late due to some or the other reason we do that without any hesitation because we know even if we are not there in starting few lectures proxies we happen on our behalf & whatever topic is missed we will cover it by our self later but now even if any disaster happens in the world that is not my concern I need to be in office at 9:00 AM that’s it because of senior officers/boss/mangers pressure.
Now a days some of our official short forms that we use in our mails are came into or daily life as well like ASAP (as soon as possible), PFA (Please find attachment), MOM (meets of meeting) & so many. But in school/college there was no formalities like this.
Previously I used to live life by filling stomach but don’t know how got into this trap of filling stomach became my life. Ignorantly that school/college boy got vanished & this white collar servant came here. So please requesting you all to live life freely, happily & with big smile on face. Don’t make such things habitual in life.
Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Chandure

A Day When I Lost !!!!!!!

I am sure everyone had faced such day in their life, those who love to travel or who stay out of home town because of their education or service or girls after their marriage or something else. A day when they feel lost because of some or the other reason, in the same way I too faced the day when I felt like I lost.
It was the day after first one or one & half month to me in city called Pune, the same city famous as the city of knowledge and often known as the Oxford of the east. In Marathi, it is known as vidyeche maherghar which means, the hometown of education.But I do came here for job opportunities to work as software engineer. So my daily schedule was like waking up in the morning at around 7:00 AM get ready in formals & take the bag which have my resume copies & educational documents and get out at 8:30 AM to visit the companies which I searched previous night to submit my resumes or attend the interview if any.

So as usual that day also I went out. I used to travel through PMPML buses those days and same like new people during initial day’s bus routes & names of places in Pune was confusing to me, then also after getting information about bus routes from my cousin brother who used to live in Pune two years earlier than me I left the home. After doing my whole day stuffs, I was in the bus return to my location where I used to stay those days. Suddenly in between the Peth areas in Pune bus stopped due to some defects in engine or I don’t know. But the area where it stopped was very much confusing to any one, we usually call peth area bhul bhlaya a labyrinth of roads. Till date whenever I go to Pune Peth’s it confuses me.
So all passengers in bus got down & one of them was me. When I was there it was around 9:00 PM in the night. After putting my first step on ground outside the bus, I just hanged like the mobiles use to hang due to unexpected or multiple things running in life, in Marathi we use say dushkalat terava mahina which means already a dearth & in that 13th month of year. That time I was already I was facing too much challenges related to job search, family issues & many more. Then this new incident made my mind unconscious at that moment. I was looking around over there everything was looking same to me shops, roads & all the things there. My mobile was already switched off that time of day because I was out of home form long 12 hours & except my father’s cell number I didn’t remember any others number. So I was circling myself looking here & there, that was the first time and last time in my life I felt like “I am lost” & got panic. 
Then to get calm I took 10 to 15 minutes rest there on road side & talked to myself why did you came to Pune, what last words you said to your mom while leaving house & now what the hell happened to you for being afraid of such simple normal incident, hello boss get up achieve your first goal & then after give the time for such silly things. So after that I inquired there with the people about the buses to reach my location. At 11:00 Pm in night I reached safely, but I got very big thing that day is don’t get panic at any moment in life god created that situation in my life so he is the one who will create the ways out of that situation. Also just imagine football ground without goalpost, its just useless right, who will play such football no one right. So in life have small small goals rather than just running here & there. Life is precious don’t dare to waste a single second of it. 
Now in my view getting lost somewhere somehow is the best thing ever because of that we take out our original potential we carry with us. Getting lost is the way to explore more things in life, rather than running in rat race or what else you may call it. We got life once so explore it as much as you can rather than getting panic on any situation. It doesn’t mean go on illegal ways out there or go on the way which cost your life.

Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Chandure