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"Answer to one of my Childhood Question"

In this post I want to share the answer to one of my childhood question which I got while exploring myself, my life & so many things. I don’t know how many of you had this question in their childhood but I guess everybody one or the other day in their life had this question. Being teacher having more strength and knowledge they just need to teach only one or two subjects every year but as student we need to study almost 10 different subjects every year why ??? we are less capable than them in that age then also why why ???   
Now after student life when I entered in working phase of life means work in return of money. Things got worst than studying 10 different subjects every year. In what sense your question if I am not wrong, wait wait coming to that only. For it there is very sweet sentence in Marathi बाप कमाई वर ऐश कर !!! आप कमाई करशील ना तेव्हा कळेल !!! meaning you will not get the value of money when you are using fathers money but the moment you spend one rupee that you earned you will get its value.
As the time passes we goes elder & elder so many more responsibilities comes to our shoulder wanted or unwanted & here no chance to get away from it. First & most important priority in life that is family responsibility in a way like if elder sister keep interacting with her in laws if younger do her wedding arrangements from the scratch. If brother younger then look for his education, if elder then look for his help in any possible cases. At the same time mother & father are getting older so they needs more care, the way they cared us in our childhood without getting angry on us. Finally the spouse, need to take care of her like anything because being girl she left every thing behind & came with you to live her life so you should also respect that. Girls may have different responsibilities in their case. At the same time you need to be the proper handler so that while doing something for mother or sister wife should not get angry & vice versa, thank god yet I don’t have this last responsibility.
Being earner in family need to be very proper with work what ever we do, means leave family things to at home only. In office do the work, then listen to the boss, run in competition like rat. Be like parrot with boss so that he/she will help in terms of growth. If there any new thing to learn then be learner again. Handle the taxation & all things.
Along with this need to be in touch with our all friends from our childhood, give time to them also in this hectic schedule. On top of it if any girl friend is there then you lost man you lost !!! Finally the last one & most important which most of us forgot that is time to our self in terms of freely travelling, reading, playing, our hobbies, our passion , our health & etc. Because as the time passes more responsibilities comes to us more faster.

A man struggling to cope with family and work life


To handle this life balance we got thought from the childhood itself, like setting priorities that time also this time also. Only difference is that time we do it in subjects now we do it in terms of responsibilities. Those days we have some favorite subjects & we used to study that a lot, it affects our other subject performance. In the same way if we addressed any one responsibility a lot others get affected. Those who do this balance correctly they will definitely achieve what they wanted that time also & this time also.
Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Chandure

"Addictions Because of Service/Job Life"

 As I used addiction word in the name, so things recall in mind after looking/listing this word are drinking/smoking, but have patience I used this word for normal day to day life work we do repeatedly, because of our needs or someone’s pressure.

PC: Rahul Chandure

 After completing education suddenly so many things in life got changed. Like everyone my first priority at that very moment was getting job somewhere, so that I would get independent at least for my financial needs & all. Then after getting job by this way or that way new phase of life starts & straight away vision of looking at many things get changed. We bound our self in some boundaries like we used to seat in office cubical or bay or cabins. Here few things becomes our habits knowingly or unknowingly, those kind of things I am gonna share here.
 First very common thing every where is using access cards to go inside or outside from any where in office premises & have the ID Cards around the neck. As time passes this daily task at office became my addiction, like while going to washrooms, lifts, cafeteria unknowingly too many times I used to swipe my access cards there also. Even sometimes while entering into home I used access card.

Office On Monday!!!


College On Monday!!!


College Days

In school/college days we get bored when leaves are there, because we love to be in school/college even if we are not attending any lectures. Now things are exactly opposite to it happening in service life. In school/college we use to wish while entering into school/college premises after coming from weekends or leaves. Now we wish happy weekends & start Monday wish saddest face on the planet earth. Unknowingly we do this every week in our service life.



During School Life


During College Life


Now During Service Life

During school/college time suppose if we want to wake up late due to some or the other reason we do that without any hesitation because we know even if we are not there in starting few lectures proxies we happen on our behalf & whatever topic is missed we will cover it by our self later but now even if any disaster happens in the world that is not my concern I need to be in office at 9:00 AM that’s it because of senior officers/boss/mangers pressure.
Now a days some of our official short forms that we use in our mails are came into or daily life as well like ASAP (as soon as possible), PFA (Please find attachment), MOM (meets of meeting) & so many. But in school/college there was no formalities like this.
Previously I used to live life by filling stomach but don’t know how got into this trap of filling stomach became my life. Ignorantly that school/college boy got vanished & this white collar servant came here. So please requesting you all to live life freely, happily & with big smile on face. Don’t make such things habitual in life.
Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Chandure

"Bhivgad / Bheemgad & Spontaneous Decision Of Doing Kondane Caves"

 On 19th June 2016 morning at 6:00 AM, I with APEX ADVENTURES started the journey for the Sunday trek to Bhivagad/Bheemgad & undecided Kondane Caves from Pune. After picking all trek participants for the day, almost 30 odd members all together after 25KM travel, we started our journey on Pune Mumbai express highway, for almost  60 KM then take right turn to karjat and after travelling another 25 KM we reached the base village called Gaurkamat.
Bhivgad Karjat is also known as Bheemgad. As we had some exploration of fort on internet before going there, that was very helpful to see it live & do all things in decided time. Like fort is accessible from two sides of it, so we decided to go up from one side where the beautiful steps are created in hill rock & descend from other side which passes from Dhak mountain & Bhivgad in marathi called as Khind, through waterfalls which is dried due short of rain these days. Fort is approximately 800 feet above see level
From base village go upward in right side first we crossed the Tamarind tree from there go straight up in zig zag way by crossing forest of some long wild trees (I don’t know their names) in 10 min we reached the first plateau of fort, where we enjoyed the free wind. From there by taking right turn we started the next trek through big big rocks & reached the place from where the beauty of fort started by taking left side traverse route, from there 70 to 80% destroyed staircase started. At end of first level of staircase, other level started in upward direction adjacent to that on right side there are two caves quite difficult to access if you are enough confident on yourself to go up & get down then only go else don’t take risk. From these two caves one is very big almost 15×20×15 feet on its entrance some goddess stone was there & on the other side a place was created to place the lamp. From there more difficult steps goes to second cave which is very small compare to first one & just bed like structure in it, after taking snaps of these caves I got down & went up on the fort.
 On this route there is so many wild flowers are there as shown in picture don’t touch it without gloves else pointed pieces of it will hurt you. Then there we saw water cistern with full of water & mud. On the right side there is another cistern of water 8 feet deep & 4 feet wide. Then we went little but up from right side there we had amazing views of nearby villages, lakes, factories, roads, valley a perfect watch tower. At the extreme edge on right side of fort there is flag lying continuously & from there another mountain pass (Khinda in marathi) can be seen clearly exact replica is available on the other side also don’t know natural or man-made, after clicking few snaps there we proceeded towards BaleKilla where another two water cisterns are available & little high to those water tanks remnants of RajaWada can be seen. 
Near to those water cisterns we mate one group called Durgaveer working under the guidance of Mr. Sachin Joshi for fort clarification, plantation on fort, marking the fort routes & placing the Boards about names and informationOne request from group is that spread the plantation news across all trekkers so that who ever is going to visit fort next time those people will give the water to plants on fort which is available 12 months & just remove the grass surrounding the plant so that in forest fire the plant will not vanish. Few of us helped them in there work. Its awesome feeling when you give back to nature something like this. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much god for giving us all this beautiful planet called Earth. Going forward from there on left side there is another water cistern there. From there we started descending fort by other route, going straight up on will leads to dhak bhairi from there & right turn will lead to base village. Waterfall adjacent to this route must be attractive when water is flowing through it. Finally at 1 PM we all reached our bus & had our delicious lunch.
 It was 2 PM only, so after the agreement of all people on trek we decided to do another near by trek and that is Kondane Caves which is 17 KM on back route to Pune. These are the oldest Buddhist caves in the region & were excavated in first century B.C. As mentioned on internet group of 16 caves was there but due to damage some are mixed together, now too difficult to get perfect count. All kind of rock & wooden construction is notable. 
After reaching the Kondana village on the bank of Ulhas River road from Kharavandi viallge Ambajogai temple is too ruinous. Near to Kondana village on left side at Eucalyptus trees are there & the pedestrian route starts from there. Its the simple walk way need to cross two little hills & two big water falls if huge rain is there. On the way too many Karvand Trees are there & there was one tree no leafs to it but full of flowers don’t know its name.  
In almost 45 minutes we reached the staircase of caves, at the start the big holy prayer place of Staup was there which is under construction. Statues on left adjacent wall were 95% destroyed & on right its vanished with wall itself, in this prayer place one can see the newly created pillars. On left side few more caves were there some are vanished & some on the way to vanish. All are mixed together looking like only one cave with beds in it. Some water cisterns are also available there. Little bit up near to prayer place there is a SabhaMandap having 15 pillars in it now only one is available & small small rooms like structures. Adjacent to it another cave is there. The statues & awesome carvings on the mountain stone will make you worth visiting the place, just one request see this beauty with silence no matter with how many people you are visiting it
 There we had our group photo & started descending & reached our bus at 4:30 PM and suddenly rain started for the first time this year on monsoon trekking, we enjoyed 10 minutes in rain & started back journey to Pune with lots of unplanned exploration & after welcoming rain. We reached Pune at 7:00 PM.


  1. Photo Credit to Rahul Chandure .
  2. Before going on trek do some research about the routes & what to explore there.  
  3. Go in full sleeve cloths, good shoes & enough water.  
Please leave comments below for others if you have been to Bhivgad/Bheemgad Fort & Kondane Caves or you have any questions related to trek.

Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure   

"रायगड आणि शिवराज्याभिषेक सोहळा" (Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Coronation Program)

आता जवळपास पाच वर्ष झालीत पुण्यात येऊन आणि या काळात नेहमीच एक इच्छा मनात होती. ती म्हणजे रायगडावरचा शिवराज्याभिषेक सोहळ्यात सामिल व्हायचं, ते या वर्षी म्हणजे ६ जुन २०१६ रोजी पूर्ण झालं. युवराज संभाजी भोसले हा सोहळा मागील दहा वर्ष्यांपासून साजरा करतात आणि महाराष्ट्रातील बहुतांश जनता तिथे उपस्थित राहून प्रत्येक गोष्टीचा आनंद अनुभवते. तोच आनंद अनुभवण्याची इच्छा होती. पण बऱ्याच करणान मुळे ती आज पर्यंत पूर्ण होऊ शकली नाही, जसे की कामा वरून सुट्टी न भेटणे, घरातील कार्यक्रम अश्या नाना प्रकारची विघ्नं येत होती, पण तो आनंदाचा क्षण या वर्षी आयुष्यात आला.
तर झाले असे की जसे काही शिवरायानीच सर्व गोष्टी जुळवून आणल्या आणि सुट्टी, आजार, घरकाम असे यावेळी काहीच मधे आले नाही. यावेळी काही झाले तरी जायचे हे तर नक्की होते, तर ५ जून ला सकाळी ज्या मित्रां सोबत जाणार होतो त्यांना फोन केला ते म्हणाले आजच दुपारी १२ ते २ च्या दरम्यान पुण्यातून निघणार आहे येत असशील तर लवकरात लवकर वारजे माळवाडी ला ये, मग काय मी जसाच्या तसा जी कापडी अंगावर होती ती आणि पिशवी मधे दुसऱ्या दिवशी घालता येतील अशी कपडे कोंबुन निघलो मित्राच्या घरी. मित्र पुण्याचीच असल्या कारणाने त्यांनी सगळ्या सोई केल्या होत्या जाण्या येण्याच्या पाचाडला थांबायच्या आणि जेवणाच्या. आम्ही सर्वजण रात्री ८ च्या सुमारास पाचाड ला पोहोचलो.
तिथे पोहोचल्यावर माझ्या आनंदला पारावाच उरला नाही. मी माझ्याच विश्वात मग्न होऊन तिथे जे कोणी उपस्थित होते आणि जे काही डोळ्यांना दिसत होतं,  ते मी माझ्या नजरने आणि कल्पना शक्ती च्या जोरावर बघत होतो. इतकं कल्पकतेने की जस काही मी ६ जून १६७४ चा दिवस प्रत्यक्ष उपस्थित राहून अनुभवतोय असं. मी अश्या प्रकारे तिथल्या दृश्यांना बघत होतो, जसे की तिथे असलेली पोलिस म्हणजे महाराज्यांच्या काळातील सरदार, नाईक, पाईक गाडी वरून फिरणारे पोलिस म्हणजे घोडदळ, पायी पोलिस म्हणजे पायदळ. त्यावेळी जसा जनसागर रायगडाकडे वाहिला असेल त्याप्रमाणेच याही वेळी अफाट जनसमुदाय गडाच्या दिशेने वाहत होता. जशी त्यावेळी पालखी मेण्यातून देशमुख पाटलांची स्वारी गेली असेल याही वेळी मोठं मोठ्या ताफ्यान मधून वेगवेगळ्या संघांची अध्यक्ष येत होती. त्यावेळी जश्या महाराजांच्या जय जयकाराच्या आरोळ्या चहोदिश्यान मधून ऐकू येत होत्या, तश्या याहीवेळी ऐकू येत होत्या. जो तो सोहळ्याच्या प्रतिक्षेत गुंग होता.

आम्ही या सगळ्या धावपळीत आमच्या राहायच्या वस्तीवर गेलो, तिथे आमचा पसारा नीट सावरून सगळ्यांनी घरून आणलेली खाद्य पदार्थ काढली आणि मस्त रिंगण करून सळ्यांनी त्याचा मनसोक्त आस्वाद घेतला. कोणी चपाती भाजी, कोणी खिचडी, कोणी ठेचा भाकर, कोणी चटणी भात तर कोणी लोणचे मटकी असे चमचमीत आणि खम्खमित पदार्थ आणले होते सगळ्यांनी मिळून रात्रीच्या जेवणात ते पोटं भरून खाले !!!!! जसे काही अठरा पगड जातीची लोक मिळून मेजवानी करताहेत असच वाटत होतं मला तरी. त्यानंतर जरा फेर फटका मारून यावा म्हणून रोप वे कडे निघालो, तिकडे जाताना एक वेगळाच प्रत्यय आला, तो असा की जसं त्यावेळी गडाच्या चहो बाजूला रोषणाई झाली असेल तशी तर काही नव्हती पण गडा भोतालच वन काजव्यांनी उजळून टाकला होतं. काजव्यांचा टीम टीमन त्याची अनुभूती करून देत होतं.
पुढे आम्ही सर्वांनी आमच्या शयेवर आराम करून पहाटे चार ला उठलो आणि झटपट तयार होऊन, नाश्ता करून गडावर जाण्यासाठी मार्गस्थ झालो ते हिरकणीवाडीच्या दिशेने, तीच हि दिशा तीच हि कडा जिथून हिरकणी तिच्या तान्हुल्या साठी गड उतरली होती, नंतर हीच कडा हिरकणी नावाने ओळखली जाऊ लागली. आता गडाच्या याचं कडेवर रोप वे आहे. रोप वे पाशी झालेल्या गर्दी ने तिथली व्यवस्था विस्ल्कळीत झाली होती जशी काही भ्रष्टाचारा मुळे त्याही वेळी गोष्टी घडल्या असतील पण त्या कडे दुर्लक्ष करत उपस्थित जनसमुदाय गडावरील सोहळ्याकडे डोळे लावून पुढे सरकत होता.
अश्या प्रकारे सर्व गोष्टीना समोर जात आम्ही गडावर पोहोचलो. तिथे राजदरबार रंगीबेरंगी फुलांच्या माळांनी सुशोभित केला होता. जसं त्याकाळी छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराजांनी समस्त प्रजाजनान समोर वेगवेगळ्या गोष्टीनवर वचन दिले असतील प्रजेची खातरजमा करून घेतली असेल तसच याही वेळी बरीच भाषणे झाली, पण हे मात्र नक्की त्यावेळच्या आणि यावेळच्या भाषणान मधे जमीन आभाळा एवढे अंतर आहे, माझ्या वाचना नुसार. तेव्हा जशी वेगवेगळ्या वाद्यांचा आवाज गडावर घुमला असेल तसा आता ही ढोल ताश्यांचा ढोलक्यांच दाफ्ल्यांचा आवाज घुमत होता. त्यावेळी जशी महाराज्यांची पालखी जगदीश्वराच्या मंदिराकडे निघाली असेल तशी याही वेळी निघालेली आणि आम्ही सर्वांनी ती अनुभवली देखील. तिथे बरीच मंडळी होती वेगवेगळ्या संघातील जी गड परीसराच्या स्वच्छतेचि काळजी घेत होती. बरीच मंडळी मावळ्यांच्या वेश परिधान करून आली होती, काही चिमुकली देखील महाराजान सारखी वस्त्रं घालून आली होती.
गडावरचा तो प्रत्येक क्षण मला तरी महाराजांचा तिथेच असल्याचा आभास करून देत होता. जसे काही महाराजच तिथे उभे राहून गडाच्या चोफेर नजर फिरवत होते, त्यांच्या चेहऱ्यावरचा आनंद स्पष्ट दिसत होता, तिथे आलेल्या प्रत्येक व्यक्तीच्या स्मित हास्यातून आणि आनंदातून. असा हा अविस्मरणीय दिवस आयुष्यात जसा आला तसाच निघून गेला खूप साऱ्या गोष्टी शिकवून आणि आठवणी देवून.

  • Photo Credit to Rahul Chandure & Ankush Shinde.

जय शिवशंभो !!!!
धन्यवाद !!!!
राहुल चांदुरे !!!! 

"Kailasgad Trek"

 On 20th June 2015 we did an awesome trek of Kailashgad, not known for any kind of famous history. It was mentioned the Chatrapti Shivaji Maharaja once visited this fort that’s all. But then also it was the 2015 monsoon first trek it should be small one so we decided to visit it.
We started from Pune to base village Vandre around 70 KM through tamhini ghat route but the road is too much damaged and on top of that its raining. so at around 9:30 AM we reached the base village. After getting little bit ahead from village there is a trek start point we parked our bus there & started the trek. 
As it was raining that region of Tamhini Ghat was too much cloudy that day. The way to go up was unexpectedly too much slippery from the starting itself. After getting on the first plateau of the fort we had awesome view of Mulshi. We reached that point like fighters crawling in mud. There we had few group clicks & again rain started.
There after by heading in left side traverse route we got up on the fort in almost two and half hours after starting. We took more time because of continuous rain & slippery way. After reaching on the top we were not able to see anything because of so many clouds, even we won’t be able to see beyond 5 meters. There we had our lunch in rain. When we tried to see the surrounding of fort nothing was visible because of huge fog. So after half hour halt there we started descending the fort & reached the start point with having so many mud on body.
  1. Photo Credit goes to Rahul Chandure .
  2. Before going on trek do some research about the routes & what to explore there.  
  3. During heavy rain please avoid this trek in huge groups. 
  4. Go in full sleeve cloths & good shoes.  
Please leave comments below for others if you have been to Kailasgad Fort or you have any questions related to trek.

Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure     

"Mohangad & Kavlya Fort Trek"

On 11th June 2016 I with APEX ADVENTURES decided to go on one of the beautiful destination in monsoon & that is Warandha Ghat. Its just awesome place to explore, to rome around for natural photography, will get scenic views of hills, river flows, valley & wild life here. As the schedule was fixed to visit two forts in that region one is Kavlya Fort also called Waghjai Trek which was used as watch tower & second one is Mohangad recently searched by Mr. Sachin Joshi who’s Archaeologist & Research Assistant at Deccan College Pune. This fort is also known as Josloadgad. 

We started our 120 KM journey from Kalewadi Phata to Durgadi base village of Mohangad at 6:30 AM & reached there around 10:30 AM with team of 35 trekkers some are crazy as always & some are doing trekking for the first time in their life. While reaching this place we saw the Necklace on Yelwanti River point near BHOR near to this point there is Tomb of Kavji Bandal. During this journey we had our breakfast of  POHE & Sample.

Form Durgadi village after parking our Bus we all started our trek on the dirt road on the right side of village which leaded us to one temple under construction on this route there are too many KARVAND plants we enjoyed it a lot. Anyone travelling through bike can park there bikes till this point even 17 or 32 or 42 seater buses can come till this point but if heavy rain is there then park vehicles in Durgadi itself because if bus got stuck in mud then it will waste your another one or two hours.we Found so many spider homes on the way to fort. 

After heading in left direction there onward we reached the khind, from there go in upward if any confusion then arrows marked on route will direct you, so search for it. Then after few minutes we reached the first plateau of the fort where flag is present, we all took rest there & again resumed our trek. Now walking in upward right direction we reached the place from where we need to take the traverse route to go up. That traverse route will lead us through dense forest to the back side from where we started. From there go up side in zig zag way in few more minutes you will be on top of fort. At some places we found the steps created in hill rock itself. We covered all this distance at 1:00 PM.
 At top there is one temple of Durga Mata,  we all took rest there & had our photo shoot. We were in full clouds there all around, nothing is visible beyond 5 to 10 meters. As we read about the fort that few water cisterns available on it, we searched around for it but we were unsuccessful because of huge fog present there. One thing disappointed me a lot there is few people come at such places to get alcoholic & throws that bottles there & we innocent trekkers get dishonored. So after little more time we all started descending the fort & reached the Durgadi village at 3:00 PM & had our Lunch (Chole & Matki Sabjii, Roti & Fruit Khand) After lunch we had drinking water from the well which villagers use for water.  
Then at 4:00 PM we started our journey to warandha ghat which is another 40 km form Durgadi village. We reached Waghjai Temple at 4:45 PM & beautiful pics or valley from there & then few of us decided to do the Kavlya Fort trek in rapid fire way.
We started the trek and heading on left side traverse route we reached the first plateau. Form there heading again in left up side we reached the second plateau, almost all trees are dried because of unavailability of water. Now to reach the left side watch water of fort, we need to take the right side traverse way of second plateau, while going through that route we saw beautiful pinnacle in the sahyadri ranges there.

Then again need to get up on the small hill in front to go ahead, it is quite slippery. After getting up we reached our destination in 35 odd minutes. As the rocks of watch tower are fixed in the soil, so please avoid to get on the edges of the tower. We had some snaps over there & enjoyed the wind flowing there. View of Warandha ghat from there is just unforgettable, road is looking like snake running through greenery.

           Then we started descending & reached the starting point at 6:00PM, there at waghjai temple we all had tea & started our back journey to Pune at 6:30 PM. During that back journey we all danced like mad/freaky unbelievable trekker & in that shows topper was our bus driver when Zinggat song started he stopped the bus on side of road & came back side & danced danced danced. Finally at 10:00 PM we reached Pune with lots of memories & fun.
  1. Photo Credit goes to Ashwin Bagde & Rahul Chandure .
  2. Before going on trek do some research about the routes & what to explore there.  
  3. Go in full sleeve cloths & good shoes.  
Please leave comments below for others if you have been to Mohangad & Kavlya Fort or you have any questions related to trek.

Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure

"Sindola Fort Trek"

First trek of APEX in 2016 monsoon, all were eagerly waiting for it. Because from last two three months due to heavy summer we haven’t done any trek. So we started in the morning at 6:00 AM from Balgandharva Stop towards fort base village Bagadwadi which is 111 KM from Pune. We reached there around 9:30 AM, few members from Mumbai joined us there. All together we were 14 members including drivers.

Sindola fort is a small & located in Junnar region of Pune near Malshej ghat.There is not much history available of this fort, may be it was used as watch tower in that area. Fort is 350 meters (1128 feet) above sea level. The construction of fort is believed as old as neighbors Hadasar & Nimgiri around 5th century. Tough & narrow way to reach the top of the fort, tough in the sense most of the times on one side of path there is 1000 feet deep valley & slippery too. So June first week is best to do this trek.

We started our actual trek at 10:00 AM from the base village, after walking few minutes need to take right turn for fort route, which will lead us through farms. There are too many trees of Jambul, we all eat that like never seen it before 🙂 🙂 . There are too many ways created may be by shepherds in near by villages of fort. We need to get up on the first hill, our leaders took few more minutes to find the proper route to go up till then other members took rest over there. While crossing this patch we saw some wild trees as shown in pictures.

We all took rest at first plateau, wind flowing there was just awesome & we had introduction round there. From there rather than taking any turns just go straight through Aloe vera (Korphad in marathi) like plants & reached the second plateau. There again go straight through Encalyptus (Nilgiri in marathi) trees, till these everything is very simple except finding the correct path.
Here onward we need to take the left turn to reach the fort entrance situated in between the indent gap of two hills. We all together took almost 3 hours to reach a place from where we need to take the traverse way. So there itself we all took rest & had our lunch (Chapati, Aloo Mater Sabji & Shri Khanda). 

There after little risky way starts with valley facing on one side, heading in left direction we reached the entrance of the fort completely ruined bastions available there. There we saw the Lord Ganesh Idol created in stone itself. After taking few snaps there we took right turn which leaded us to the water cisterns. There are 6 water cisterns available in one we found drinkable water, so after filling all our bottles we headed up side to the Flag point, view of Pimpalgaon Joga Dam is amazing from there. We took few minutes rest there & few pictures also. Then after we went exactly opposite side of the top & saved the unbelievable views of Sahyadri Ranges, Harishchandra Fort  is fully visible from there, valley views & near by villages view are simply unforgettable.            

Then at around 4:00 PM we started descending the fort & by taking small small halts we reached the base village at around 6:00 PM & left the Bagadwadi & reached the Pune at 9:00 PM.It was the great start of the 2016 season. Thank you Thank you Thank you so much APEX ADVENTURES. 

  1. Photo Credit goes to Amol Kotkar & Rahul Chandure .
  2. Before going on trek do some research about the routes & what to explore there.  
  3. Go in full sleeve cloths & good shoes.  
Please leave comments below for others if you have been to Sindola Fort or you have any questions related to trek.

Thanks & Regards
Rahul Chandure