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A Day When I Lost !!!!!!!

I am sure everyone had faced such day in their life, those who love to travel or who stay out of home town because of their education or service or girls after their marriage or something else. A day when they feel lost because of some or the other reason, in the same way I too faced the day when I felt like I lost.
It was the day after first one or one & half month to me in city called Pune, the same city famous as the city of knowledge and often known as the Oxford of the east. In Marathi, it is known as vidyeche maherghar which means, the hometown of education.But I do came here for job opportunities to work as software engineer. So my daily schedule was like waking up in the morning at around 7:00 AM get ready in formals & take the bag which have my resume copies & educational documents and get out at 8:30 AM to visit the companies which I searched previous night to submit my resumes or attend the interview if any.

So as usual that day also I went out. I used to travel through PMPML buses those days and same like new people during initial day’s bus routes & names of places in Pune was confusing to me, then also after getting information about bus routes from my cousin brother who used to live in Pune two years earlier than me I left the home. After doing my whole day stuffs, I was in the bus return to my location where I used to stay those days. Suddenly in between the Peth areas in Pune bus stopped due to some defects in engine or I don’t know. But the area where it stopped was very much confusing to any one, we usually call peth area bhul bhlaya a labyrinth of roads. Till date whenever I go to Pune Peth’s it confuses me.
So all passengers in bus got down & one of them was me. When I was there it was around 9:00 PM in the night. After putting my first step on ground outside the bus, I just hanged like the mobiles use to hang due to unexpected or multiple things running in life, in Marathi we use say dushkalat terava mahina which means already a dearth & in that 13th month of year. That time I was already I was facing too much challenges related to job search, family issues & many more. Then this new incident made my mind unconscious at that moment. I was looking around over there everything was looking same to me shops, roads & all the things there. My mobile was already switched off that time of day because I was out of home form long 12 hours & except my father’s cell number I didn’t remember any others number. So I was circling myself looking here & there, that was the first time and last time in my life I felt like “I am lost” & got panic. 
Then to get calm I took 10 to 15 minutes rest there on road side & talked to myself why did you came to Pune, what last words you said to your mom while leaving house & now what the hell happened to you for being afraid of such simple normal incident, hello boss get up achieve your first goal & then after give the time for such silly things. So after that I inquired there with the people about the buses to reach my location. At 11:00 Pm in night I reached safely, but I got very big thing that day is don’t get panic at any moment in life god created that situation in my life so he is the one who will create the ways out of that situation. Also just imagine football ground without goalpost, its just useless right, who will play such football no one right. So in life have small small goals rather than just running here & there. Life is precious don’t dare to waste a single second of it. 
Now in my view getting lost somewhere somehow is the best thing ever because of that we take out our original potential we carry with us. Getting lost is the way to explore more things in life, rather than running in rat race or what else you may call it. We got life once so explore it as much as you can rather than getting panic on any situation. It doesn’t mean go on illegal ways out there or go on the way which cost your life.

Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Chandure   

Katraj To Sinhagad (K2S)

One of the famous moonlight trek near Pune during summer season & that is most amazing katraj to Sinhagad commonly known as K2S trek. Last Saturday night on 21stMay 2016 I did this trek with one of my favorite group Apex Adventure. This is the second time I did this trek, previously I did it personally with four of my friends during the 2014 May. It’s simply awesome trek which checks the stamina & endurance level. So it’s already clear to me that this is one of the strong trek to test myself that can I sand when my body don’t want, when my mind says boss stop & all shit!!! But once decided then decided whatever it take will reach the destination with beautiful smile on face.

On Saturday night after having dinner I reached Katraj PMT Depot personally at 9:30 PM as decided by group leader Amol Kotkar. There all Apex participants gathered for the trek. We were all together 50 people there started our initial journey to old katraj tunnel from there by local transport. We all reached the trek start point by 10:20 PM. That local transport’s managed to drop us there in two trips 25 each time. As it was moonlight lots of groups were there for this trek, to me it’s looking like some carnival happing on K2S trek. There was more than 650 trekkers on that night. So rather than doing rush on Bangalore high way, I decided to take first 25 guys to first point of trek that is Vaghjai Temple on the above the old tunnel & wait there for next 25 guys. After 20 to 30 min next 25 guys also reached there, so our leader said take rest for few minutes & those who carried their food for dinner have it here only, because after this we will not take long breaks. So as ordered all had their own time some utilized in taking dinner some in photography some in night view of Pune city.

Then after our leader gave some instructions like,
1.       Trek will be of 6 to 7 hours walk through 17 mountains & the 18th one will be by pass.
2.       Everybody should be careful while seating because in grass snakes will be there.
3.       Don’t get panic in any situation.
4.       Take a sip of water continuously to avoid cramps & dehydration.
5.       Female trekker while going for looo, take some known male escort along for security.
6.    As so many groups are there try to be in our group only even if not at least be with group of person with whom you came for the trek.
7.       Take all your torch out but be aware not to focus it on anybody’s eyes.
8.       For any kind of help inform to coordinators (Rajannya Santra, Rahul Chandure, Ashwin Bagde, Vishwajit Dange, Vinay Deshmukh).

Then after sharp at 11:00 PM we started our trek me & Rajannya was leading the group, Vinay & Ashwin was in between the group & to push final guys Amol & Vishwajit was leading from back. As it was the moonlight we were able to see the normal trek route without torch as well. When we reached the two hills which you can see from most of the places of Pune that hills are exactly above the new katraj tunnel & the view of whole Pune city from there was simply stunning. That night wind was flowing like crazy & it was cool as well, initially it was feeling like after having heavy sunlight in day time we are in full natural Air Conditioner. After enjoying it for some time to take care of health most of us used their winter caps & stalls to cover up the ears.

At 12:00 AM midnight we reached the first descending point of the trek & after seeing the rush there I just said “Hinjewadi Traffic” will not leave our back hahahaha. On that instant I just want to suggest before coming to such treks please do some research on trek & its level of toughness, then decide to go or not. Don’t just go because someone is forcing you. Some guys behaving wearied there & some groups as well. If you want to rest then please take it on side by not on the way it self. That will be disturbance for others, we all trekkers should care about this point. There it took almost one and half hour to Apex guys to get down. After few minutes rest we again continued our trek with full of energy. After crossing few more hills ups & downs we took another rest there we had another photo session. Ashwin had external music player with him, we all had small dance there & resumed the trek again.

Later again crossed few more hills & had rest, there I heard few sentence from some guys like “why the hell I decided to come with you ?? rather than I should stay at home and play games or watch movies”. Also like this beauty of nature is just fantastic, this noise of wind is lovely, full moonlight making me crazy. Some guys were saying when it will complete, because whenever I think it’s done again new hill comes in front of me. hahahahahaI just said enjoy the journey rather than focusing on the destination. 

When we reached the 17th hill we decided to stop there & enjoy the beautiful sunrise, simultaneously moon was on right side of Sinhagad just unbelievable & that moment I answered to myself god has plan to show me this view & that’s why he intentionally made us late at the first descending point. Then we descended the final hill as well & from there by taking right turn we reached the Sinhagad Ghat Road at 6:30 AM in the morning. As it was too humid few of us decided to go down from there & few decided to go on fort by local vehicles. In this way one of the amazing trek completed successfully.

Photo Credit to Ashwin Bagde.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
Enjoy !!!!!!!!
Thanks & Regards,
Rahul Chandure